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Betsy Vohs, CEO, Partner

Betsy founded Studio BV in 2015 in order to dedicate her ideas and energy to clients who want transformational design solutions. Transformational design comes from investigating the places, contexts, and people that will be shaped by the design. How people feel, what they touch, how they interact — these human experiences are central elements of design. 

Vohs’s  background in interior design and architecture gives her a distinct perspective on how to approach design problems. As a result, her work has been featured in local and national publications and has won multiple design awards.

Vohs is passionate about giving back to the design community, often by working with the next generation of architects and designers. Vohs taught design as an instructor at the University of Minnesota, lectured at South Dakota State University, and acted as guest design critic at the University of Minnesota, Dunwoody College, and South Dakota State University.

Vohs’s other outreach work includes serving as the Alumni Board President of the University of Minnesota College of Design and on the University of Minnesota Alumni Association Collegiate Council. Betsy has been a past board member of IIDA Northland Chapter and has juried numerous design competitions.


Courtney Armstrong, Partner

Courtney is a partner at Studio BV. She believes that design is a powerful tool to influence brands, environments, and people. She is a strategic designer working with clients to create a platform for design transformation that she stewards throughout each project. She has experience with diverse projects types, ranging from corporate headquarters and startup companies to hospitality and building repositioning projects. She finds inspiration for her work in service to not for profit organizations, using design to aid their mission of improving the world.

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Megan Eckhoff, interior designer

Megan is an interior designer at Studio BV.  She has deep expertise in leading design teams and complex projects. Megan works with clients to create rich design stories layered in meaning and contextual references. Her passion for refined details is consistent in her work and this approach makes her design solutions personal and rich with discovery. Her work is highly conceptual and her diverse experience provides insight across project typologies. She has won numerous national and local awards for her design work. Megan’s experience ranges from workplace, hotels, libraries, and multi-family housing.

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Charla Evenson, project architect

Charla has over fifteen years of experience as an architect. She has worked on projects from retail spaces, new office buildings, workplace and master planning projects. She is a technical expert but she balances that expertise with a cool under pressure attitude that reassures all who work with her. Driven to delivery projects that exceed expectations, she is focused on the smallest details but never loses sight of the larger design concepts. She excels at design process management and leads teams through complexity with ease. 


Ciarah Coenen, interior designer

Ciarah is an interior designer at Studio BV.  She has an educational background in interior design and textile design. This multi-disciplinary design background is evident in her design thinking. Ciarah brings strong conceptual design ideas to each project balanced by a fundamental mastery of details. This rich combination is rare in a designer and is played out in her work across many scales. Ciarah’s leadership in the studio is evident everyday as a strong mentor to her team and an advocate for design. Ciarah’s experience ranges from workplace, hotels, retail design, and multi-family housing.


Allison Salzman, Project Architect

Allison is a project architect at Studio BV. She is passionate about the details and knows that great design transformations are realized in the details. Allison has both conceptual and technical design skills that she uses throughout the design process. This versatility gives Allison a unique perspective to work with clients throughout the design process. Allison’s experience ranges from new commercial office buildings, libraries, residential, historical renovations, and workplace. Allison is passionate about the practice of architecture. Her leadership and energy are focused on growing the profession through her volunteer efforts at the AIA.


Kelly Hanneman, project architect

Kelly is a project architect at Studio BV. Her commitment to design is clear to anyone who works with her. Kelly loves working with clients to define their need for change and is inspired by the impact meaningful design can have on people. She is focused on the finite points in design and believes that the details are the underlying strength of all great design. Her experience is focused on small and large scale commercial and workplace projects.


Jared Eder, project architect

Jared brings over ten years of experience to his role as an architect at Studio BV. With a diverse portfolio of projects ranging in all styles and scales, Jared excels at being adaptable to the project and client needs. His work focuses on the human experience and he uses design as a tool to maximize the positive impact truly thoughtful spaces have on the end user. Jared’s constant curiosity has led him to pursue a wide variety of project types including hospitality, mixed-use, retail, education, corporate campus, workplace, residential, civic, non-profit, and sports.

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Lauren Barry, interior designer

Lauren is an interior designer at Studio BV.  She draws inspiration for her work from the world around her. She is unafraid to explore design ideas that are nontraditional, graphic and sculptural. Her passion for design is contagious. Her commitment to solving client’s problems is strong and present in her design work. Trained as an interior architect with a passion for graphic design, Lauren looks at design solutions through many lenses and creates solutions that are both technical and conceptual.


Madeleine Dittmer, interior designer

Madeleine was trained in interior architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and believes that good design can change behavior. She understands that design at the scale of the body is one that can influence how people create, learn and live. She has experience working in both residential and commercial project types. Her passion for sustainability is clear in the work she does and she believes that good design solutions that are adaptable and flexible are inherently more sustainable.

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Emmy Tong, Architectural Intern

Emmy, is an architectural student studying at the University of MN College of Design. She is a talented designer and artist. Growing up outside of Beijing, Emmy developed a passion for watercolor painting. She infuses her passion for painting into how she creates visual representation of design ideas. Her favorite part of the design process is the beginning. She thinks the predesign process sets the project up for the greatest impact for people and their communities.


Rebecca Jerbi, business management

Rebecca is the business manager at Studio BV. She has over ten years’ experience in leading operations and finance teams for architecture firms. She leads the business strategy and studio operations for Studio BV. Her dedication to client service is demonstrated by helping make happiness and design passion central to the everyday interactions with Studio BV’s clients.


Amy Barthel, brand designer

Amy is a brand designer at Studio BV.  She has deep expertise in environmental design and brand design. She has won numerous awards for her work shaping interior environments to reflect client’s values, aspirations, and brand strategy. Barthel’s expertise ranges from environmental graphics, signage, print, and web design, as well as brand development.