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Day 6 - Betsy in Stockholm - Ett Hem Hotel

Designed by Ilse Crawford in 2012 built in 1910 for a government official as his home.

This hotel is so amazing I am going to blog it room by room. Starting with the room I am staying in. It is the most spectacular hotel room I have ever been in. I have stayed in luxury hotels before, but this isn’t luxury this is intimate and detailed in ways American hotels cant be.

This is the best hotel room I have every been in. I will do my best to share this experience. 

My Room-

I have a junior suite. There are few rooms in the hotel- about 13.

This room is a comer room with a terrace and separate tub shower and toilet area.
The room has a historic Swedish Stove (Fireplace) in the blue and white design of showing green keys, swags and and flora. The stove is historic and has brass fixtures and a brass flat hearth.

The room has custom laid white oak floors in a chevron pattern with walnut inlay details. The walls are painted a soft gray green that I changes color throughout the day. My Nobis hotel room was the same color.
The drapery is natural flax colored linen and some silk drapery too.

The rugs are silk and sheepskin. The mix of eclectic worn furniture feels like you are in someone’s home. The sofa is worn leather, the wood side chair and wood stools add a natural tough. The occasional table is gray lacquer and the bed and headboard are brown mohair.

The lighting is very low and layered. It’s dark here at 3pm!! So the lighting is very important. The only overhead light is the antique crystal chandelier and some down lights in the entry foyer closet area and the bathroom.

There are lamps and candles all over. Candles! With matches! This could never happen in the states. There are 3 paintings in the room and the many books, trays, plants and vases. There are is about 30 accessories in the room not counting pillows, lamps or rugs. This is what is making the difference. You can spend a day just discovering your room. It’s really wonderful. The bar cabinet is gold mirror. This adds a bit of modernity that is unexpected. Inside is basically anything you could ever need, that could be said of the bathroom and closet too. I have never seen so many conveniences like home in a hotel room.  

The bathroom is broken into three parts.  Shower and vanity area, toilet room and sink like a powder room and the tub in the corner of the room. This makes the experience of bathing and getting ready an act of choice. Each of the spaces is unique.

Painted wood wainscot with a marble and brass vanity anchor the sink and shower room. The shower is slab carerra marble, as is the powder room. The powder room has a toilet straight out of Tudor times! It has a wood bench with the porcelain beneath. A reference to the homes original toilet configuration.

The Tub is set up on a raised area in the room in the bay window area. The tub is a feature of the room and sits as a focal point directly across from the historic stove.

The terrace is lovely with views of the neighborhood. It’s dark now so more details tomorrow.

The wardrobe is a custom white oak wall unit with drawers and shelves and linen drapery. Ample room for all belongings.

I don’t think I am going to leave this hotel for the next three days!!!

More to come on the other areas of this great hotel!

Courtney Armstrong