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Day 5 - Betsy in Copenhagen - Kurhotel in Skodsborg

This spa hotel is about 45 minutes north of Copenhagen on the coast. The hotel is a boutique luxury hotel that features a renowned spa. The  hotel was redesigned in 2017. The lobby and restaurant are very lovely and encourage you to lounge the day away and read an art book while drinking a glass of wine. Not a bad idea…

I did that but after a massage and time in the therme pools. The locker room and spa rooms, and lounge was quite lovely. Very nice furniture and great views of the sea (it was cloudy when I was there).

The therme pools were the star. With four therme pools, 5 different saunas, 4 different steam areas, showers, outdoor and indoor cool plunge and hot tubs, it was a wonderful circuit. The spa was filled with locals, which was great to see. I read an article that said the hotel has marketed to CEOs as a business club focused on wellness. They have CrossFit and a gym and are across from the sea and do water activities in the sea when the weather is right.

I have been to many, many spas when I travel. This is in my top three – of all time.

I will be coming back.

Betsy V