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Day 3 - Betsy in Copenhagen - The Louisiana Museum, Humlenaek Denmark

The Lousianna is located about an hour outside of Copenhagen and is the Modern Art Museum of Denmark. It is a beautiful complex of small buildings that sit on the water with both a large outdoor sculpture collection and a diverse collection inside.

The shows featured at this time were of Cecily Brown the British Painter, a show on the moon by Maren, and an exhibit on Alejandro Aravena the recent Pritzker Prize winner from Chile.

The museum complex is unique. The buildings have been added on to several times and the way-finding and circulation is complex. They site is lovely and in summer would be incredible to visit.

The café was heralded by many and it offered a lot of cold fish dishes with mayonnaise…I don’t really understand the reputation..

The museum was really great and I particularly liked the Aravena show. It was designed by his firm and they used cardboard as the structure for the displays. It was really simple and powerful. Aravena wrote about how simplicity is the key to his practice. They have 15 people to keep the studio manageable. They are doing very invasive work and their display of internal processes was powerful. Very simple sketches and massing models is the foundation for a lot of their work. They keep the ideas and the forms very basic using light, gravity and mass to convey the design intent.

Betsy V