The end of 2016 brought with it several more volunteer opportunities for the SBV team!  Here is a little bit about what we have been up to:


October 2016

Studio BV was excited to participate in the University of Minnesota's Day of Service again this year!  We went to a Second Harvest Heartland distribution site in Maplewood where we handed out fresh fruits and vegetables with fellow College of Design alumni and students.  We love being a part of a community that has programs such as Second Harvest that provide access to fresh, healthy food to those that might not otherwise get it.


November 2016

This fall, our local AIA chapter teamed up with 5 female architects, including our own Liz Berres, and spent a morning sharing what it is like to be an architect at the Glacier Hills Elementary 5th annual Girls and Engineering Day.  It was fun to be able to share our passion for our profession with this group of 1st-4th graders!


December 2016

The holidays are such a fun time of year, especially when shared with children!  This is why the Herman Miller WeCare event is one of our favorites!  This year, over 20 design firms participated in providing crafts for the kids at the Boys & Girls Club of the Twin Cities to make to give out as gifts this holiday season.  The Studio BV team helped kids make sock snowmen.  Who knew a simple tube sock and some rice could be so cute!  We hope these gifts brought many smiles this holiday season!


December 2016

You can tell the winter holiday season is here when you step into a kindergarten classroom - the children are buzzing with excitement and are counting down the days until Santa comes.  This is where Liz had an opportunity to lend a hand both to enhance the students' holiday spirit while still continuing academic learning.  The focus of the lesson was to help the students add more detail to a creative writing assignment by describing the decorating goals for their dream house.  After the writing session, the students became little designers, meticulously leaving not even an inch of their gingerbread houses un-decorated.  They were extremely proud of their creations and were eager to show off their work!

We look forward to many more events as we kick-off 2017!

Happy New Year!